Gifts for Scholarship:
You Can Support the Ministers of Tomorrow

Bangor Theological Seminary has always primarily served the rural and small-town regions of northern New England. Our alumni have often given up more solid, remunerative careers so that they may spend the rest of their lives devoting themselves to churches, communities, families and individuals in places where resources of all kinds are profoundly lacking. While BTS has the lowest tuition of any United Church of Christ seminary, and while we work hard to keep our tuition and fees as low as possible, our students typically assume significant debt in completing their seminary educations. In many cases, they then go on to assume roles and responsibilities for which they are paid very little. They make these choices bravely and in the spirit of faith and love as they heed God's call.

BTS donors have long understood the financial burdens assumed by our students and have given generously to lessen them. Scholarship support can be established in perpetuity in the form of an endowment or in the form of direct, non-invested aid. By making a gift for scholarship support, you help not only a BTS student, but also the churches, organizations and thousands of individuals that that person will enrich and aid in the years to come. Your gift will truly keep on giving in the most positive and productive of ways.

Davies-Miller Tribute Fund

A special scholarship fund to help students cover the cost of immersion experiences.


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