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BTS Transcripts
Beginning in July, Bangor Theological Seminary transcripts from 1929-2013 will be held at Andover Newton Theological School (ANTS).  All transcript requests will be handled through ANTS.  Your transcript will continue to be a Bangor Theological Seminary transcript.  It will be printed on BTS watermark paper with the official BTS seal. 

Andover Newton will simply be the custodians of the transcripts for the next 70 years, which is the period required by law.   If you have any questions, you can contact the Academic Dean Steve Lewis until June 28th. 

BTS Transcript Request - Use this request until June 28th

Starting in July, all questions will need to be directed to Andover Newton. 

ANTS Transcript Request Page. - Use this request AFTER June 28th

Is It Still Adultery If the Spouse Has Alzheimer's?
On Tuesday February 12th at 7 PM Rev. Dr. Marvin Ellison will give a farewell lecture at the Portland Campus.

Christians have traditionally drawn a hard ethical line between monogamy and non-monogamy and presumed that ethical marriages are marked by monogamy, sexual exclusivity, and permanence. Because of the widespread practice of divorce and remarriage, the ideal of lifelong intimate partnership remains, but many people practice what may be called serial monogamy. >read more

A Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees
On November 16th the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the recommendations of the Third Century Committee to establish a "Center for 21st Century Ministry" to continue the mission of BTS after the seminary awards its last graduate degrees in June 2013. Robert Grove-Markwood has been named the first Executive Director of the new Center. >read more

Update from the Third Century Committee Chair Rev. Gary DeLong
At the October 12, 2012 meeting, the Third Century Committee presented a preliminary report to the Board of Trustees. Even as the grief of the ending Bangor Theological Seminary as a graduate degree-granting institution in June 2013 continues to ebb and flow, there was an accompanying mood of excitement and hope, resolution and resilience, as the Board focused on a different but faithful future. > read more

The Third Century Committee is grateful for your outstanding response & participation
The BTS Third Century Committee is grateful to all who participated in a focus group or town meeting and/or have filled out the online survey. Approximately 130 people have joined in conversation with members of the Third Century Committee over the past four months and 145 people filled out the online survey concerning the future of BTS. We very much appreciate the time you took to share your insights and ideas as we envision a new future and life for our beloved Bangor Theological Seminary amidst a challenging and changed context.

Members of the Third Century Committee are reviewing the information collected through the survey, focus groups, and numerous conversations as they identify a new direction and structure for BTS. The Third Century Committee is in the process of conducting significant research to determine what is important and sustainable for BTS to do. This information will be presented to the Board of Trustees over our fall meetings. With God’s help and your participation, may we discover new opportunities to carry out BTS’s mission to equip and educate faith leaders and communities for 21st century ministry.

February 2012
The Board of Trustees of Bangor Theological Seminary unanimously voted to suspend the Masters of Divinity and Masters of Arts degree programs at the end of the 2012-13 academic year in order to explore a range of options for the seminary consistent with its historic mission of service to the Church. more>