Students Identifying Mentors

Students who have completed the Reflective Practice class and are ready to embark on a semester of Mentored Practice should consult with both Dr. Steve Lewis and their Faculty Advisor about the best choices for their mentor and ministry practice site. Students need to take initiative to interview prospective mentors and to explore possible placements before finalizing a placement. 

Experienced ministers who may be interested in serving as a mentor to a BTS student are invited to contact Dr. Steve Lewis to explore the possibilities.

Mentor identification is a student-driven process. The following paths may lead a student to her or his mentor:

  • the student has ties with a past mentor;
  • the Director suggests a ministry with an on-site mentor;
  • the student’s academic advisor recommends an off site mentor (when a student is already working in a parish).

List of recent mentors

"The Mentored Practice Seminar provides a magnificent opportunity for the student to grow spiritually, reflect theologically, participate in a community of one's peers, and to learn salient skills from seasoned ministers at specific ministry sites. The program embraces the apprenticeship model in which an experienced leader works closely with a student, encouraging, challenging, and theologically reflecting with them as they develop in many ways at the chosen location.

For mentors, it is a wonderful opportunity to share and reflect. For the church or other community, it is also a growing, sharing opportunity. The people truly come to know the student and to help shape a future minister. Ideally, it is a win-win situation for all involved. For the student it is a lot of work, but well worth it."

Grace Bartlett

Instructor in the Mentored Practice Program