Student Requirements

The Mentored Practice program is directed by Dr. Steve Lewis, who leads teams consisting of the students, qualified mentors, and the practice sites. An active lay teaching committee may also be involved. The Master of Divinity degree requires at least six credits of Mentored Practice that includes on-site work together with on-campus seminars.

Students must be enrolled in the Master of Divinity degree program. They must have completed the course on Ministry and Leadership Studies (MLS 1501) called Reflective Practice. They must have undergone background checks that follow BTS guidelines outlined in the Criminal Background Check Policy.

Criminal Background Check Procedure


“At first, I felt nervous and even afraid that I would not be able to be present with people on the street. I prayed on this, and what came to me was a voice telling me that connecting with others was not about my ego, but, rather, about sharing God’s love. 

I found myself listening to a man talk about how his faith brought him from the Poconos in Pennsylvania to Maine, where he believed that he could become closer to God; I found myself sharing a blessing with another man, which seemed (at least to me) to bring me close to unconditional love; I found myself speaking with a family member of a former client who had died a horrific death (both the family member and I cried). These interactions were a gift from these people, as well as from God.

To be honest, my experience was so profound because of what I got out of it, not because of anything I gave. It was sacred in that I was able to be closer to God with others, not because I made God happy by providing material help to anyone.”

Sara Brobst

M.Div. student, on participating in homeless ministry through Grace Street Ministry in Portland