From the Director of Mentored Practice

Mentored Practice goes to the heart of the seminary experience. While the BTS education is always distinctive, enriched by inquiry, intellectual rigor, and diverse theological perspectives, in Mentored Practice, those students who seek to obtain their Master of Divinity degree acquire the unique insights and skills of the practical theologian.

For one year, students go on-site—to a church or to both a church and an organization, such as a hospital or a nonprofit community agency. With the guidance of a seasoned minister and perhaps others, they immerse themselves in a community in progress, working to achieve concrete goals and objectives that they themselves have chosen.

What will they have to offer? What attributes and competencies can they bring? These questions typically cause the Mentored Practice student some anxiety. Yet, ultimately, Mentored Practice turns on theological reflection, undertaken by the student, guided by the mentor, and supported by others at the seminary. Through this reflection, the student learns at a deep level that she or he is so much more than any attributes or competencies. Through theological reflection, the student integrates faith, knowledge, skills, and experience to shape a vision of ministry that can take her or him toward a most meaningful future.

Whether you’re a current student, a prospective student, or a prospective mentor, I’d be delighted to speak with you about this transformative educational program.

Steven Lewis, Ph.D.
Academic Dean


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