Areas of Student Development

  • Spiritual formation
  • Theological reflection
  • Personal authority
  • Self-Care

Student Goals

The Director and the Mentor help the student to focus on broad goals as well as ensuing objectives. With the Mentor’s support, the student generates intended outcomes that are specific, measurable, and achievable in the relevant field setting.

The broad and basic goals are as follows:

  • Students learn ministry skills;
  • Students develop their own ministerial identities;
  • Through theological reflection, students integrate classroom-based learning and their studies with the lived experience of praxis in their respective faith communities.

"My own experience in Frankfort has been, well, amazing. I have been able to apply the knowledge I have learned in seminary, and I have gained confidence in doing those things one must do to be a pastor. Most importantly, my experience has helped me in my discernment, confirming what I perceive as a call to pastoral ministry. The opportunity to serve, not just observe, has been a tremendous gift to me. And as I consider that experience, I can’t help but feel that these student placements are a special blessing for the Seminary.

Small churches, in partnership with the Seminary, are training new pastors in real and challenging settings.  Serving one another, in Christ’s name, to keep spread the Word of God throughout rural Maine. The Bangor Seminary is situated perfectly for partnerships of this sort, in a state where many churches cannot afford a full-time pastor."

Tim Hall

M.Div., 2010, on serving while a student at BTS in the Frankfort Congregational Church, UCC