This page was last modified on 3/20/2013

Bangor Theological Seminary will open at 10 AM Wednesday, March 20th.

BTS Snow Policy

Decisions about closing either campus or cancelling classes will be made together by the President, the Academic Dean and the Dean of Students. Campus closings and/or cancelled classes will be posted on the BTS website as soon as possible and emailed out to students, faculty and staff as well as posted on the phone system (Box 120) and on WABI-TV 5 in Bangor and WMTW Channel 8 in Portland.

Other points to remember:

  • If at any time Husson University in Bangor becomes closed due to weather conditions, the decision of BTS will be to close the Bangor campus of the seminary as well.
  • If classes are cancelled on one campus, video classes will not be held on either campus.
  • If classes are cancelled or a campus is closed, no member of the full-time or adjunct faculty will override that decision and hold class nevertheless.
  • If classes have not been cancelled but an individual instructor is unable to travel to campus due to snow, the instructor’s responsibility is to contact 1) each and every student in his/her class(es) to inform them that that the instructor’s class(es) will not be held and 2) contact the Academic Dean and Registrar as soon as possible.
  • At any time if an individual student feels unsafe traveling to campus due to the weather conditions, that student should not travel to the seminary and no academic penalties will occur.                                          

(December 2011)