Interlibrary Loan


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that provides Bangor Theological Seminary students, faculty, and staff with materials that are needed for research, but are not currently available in the library.

All ILL requests are submitted through the FirstSearch web site. If you do not yet have instructions on how to submit and ILL request via FirstSearch, please contact the ILL Librarian at library@bts.edu or (207) 942-6781 x203. If you know how to use the ILL request function, please click the button marked "FirstSearch" at the left.

Please note that some libraries charge fees for loans. The usual range, when fees are charged, is $2.00 to $10.00, although they can be much higher in some instances. The person submitting the request is responsible for paying any fees that may be involved and these fees must be paid when the item is first picked up with no exceptions. The ILL Librarian will always try to obtain materials at no charge whenever possible, however.

Non-seminary patrons should contact their local library for ILL assistance. Requests by non-seminary patrons will be deleted without explanation or warning.

For a more in-depth explanation of the ILL policies, please click on the links below.

Loan Periods/Renewals
Lost Material
Overdue Material

What May Be Borrowed

You may request any item relevant to your studies, such as a book or an article, that is not currently owned by the library, but please keep the following exceptions in mind.

Audio/Visual (A/V) Material - Many libraries will not loan A/V material, which includes things like videotapes, audiocassettes, and computer disks. When they do loan them, the circulation period is usually much shorter than that for books. Please return all A/V material in its original condition. For example, VHS tapes should be completely rewound when you return them. Please return all A/V material with its accompanying documentation as well.

Theses/Dissertations - Many libraries will only loan a thesis or a dissertation if they have a second copy, which may be subject to restrictions such as "In Library Use Only." Some libraries will not loan them at all. If we cannot borrow a thesis or a dissertation through ILL, you may be able to purchase one yourself through University Microfilms International (http://www.umi.com). Please ask the ILL Librarian for details.

Reference/Reserve Materials - Most libraries will not lend reference materials or materials held on reserve.

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Interlibrary Loan requests are processed within one to two days after being submitted. Requested items usually arrive within one to two weeks, although some may take longer. There is no limit on the number of requests that can be submitted at one time, but patrons submitting more than five at one time should prioritize them so that they can be ordered over the course of severak days. Multiple requests from the same volume or issue of a journal are subject to copyright restrictions and may not all be filled. If this happens, patrons may still request the item, but copyright fees for it will have to be paid. When the ILL request arrives, the patron will be notified by phone or e-mail. The patron requesting the item must pick it up. Do not ask another person to pick it up unless arrangements are made with the ILL librarian. All fees, such as photocopying charges, must be paid when the item is picked up.

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Loan Periods - Renewals

Loan periods are set by the lending library and can vary from two weeks to a month. Some libraries place restrictions on the use of their materials, such as "In Library Use Only" or "No Photocopying." Patrons are expected to honor these restrictions without question. Failure to do so may result in the temporary suspension of ILL privileges. To keep items for longer than the due date, contact the ILL Librarian and ask for a renewal before the due date marked on the item. The lending library reserves the right to refuse any requests. In most cases, only one renewal, if any, will be granted.

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Lost ILL Material

The ILL system operates according to a set of rules established by the American Library Association. Libraries that repeatedly break those rules will no longer be allowed to participate in the system. Therefore, anyone who fails to return their ILL materials will have their borrowing privileges revoked and be held liable for all overdue fines and replacement costs. These costs can run as high as $100 for a single item.

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Overdue ILL Material

Patrons are responsible for ILL material from the time they sign it out to the time they return it to the ILL Librarian. Simply leaving ILL material on the circulation desk does not constitute a proper return and the patron can still be held responsible for the item. Therefore, ILL material should always be handed to a member of the library staff to ensure that it is properly returned.

If ILL material is not returned by the day marked on the item, the patron will be assessed a fine of $1.00 a day per item. The lending library may also levy additional fines as well. The patron also will not be allowed to borrow any more material through the ILL system until the overdue item is returned or all fines are paid in full.

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