Scholarships and Grants

There are three major sources for grants and scholarships. Click below to be taken directly to those scholarships.

1. Bangor Theological Seminary Grants and Scholarships 
2. Denominational/Religious Scholarships 
3. Community/Philanthropic Scholarships   

Information about scholarships should be free. Be suspicious of any group or website that wants you to pay money for information regarding scholarship opportunities.

1. BTS Grants are awarded each year as part of a student's total financial aid package. Based on the information from the FAFSA combined with the information collected in the BTS application, students are notified via the award letter of the grants and scholarships for which they are eligible. For more information, contact the office of Financial Aid at 1-800-287-6781 x 126.

2. Denominational Scholarships for BTS students
This reflects the opportunities communicated to our office. For a complete list we suggest you check with your pastor and other appropriate denominational official (conference minister, Bishop, etc.) as required as well as online and other resources for your denomination or faith tradition.

Please note deadlines and restrictions.
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American Baptist
United Church of Christ  
United Methodist  

American Baptist
Northern Baptist Education Society
Applicants must:
- be from Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire
- be enrolled in the M.Div program
- supply a letter of endorsement from their home church
- submit the NBES application. Deadlines are in October and March of each year.


Who is eligible to apply?
Any lay person, group within a congregation, congregation or combination of congregations, region or regional group in the
Diocese of Maine may apply for a grant from the Wolf Fund.

What projects may be considered for funding?
Any proposal for continuing education or training for lay people will be considered, when accompanied by a fully completed
application form. However, grants are not normally made to persons seeking Holy Orders or to those enrolled in a formal degree program.

For more information the application form may be found on Diocesan web site:
Wolf Fund Grant Application

United Church of Christ

National Scholarships:

General Information from scholarship page:

Ms. Veronica Jefferson
Minister for Grants, Scholarships and Resources
Parish Life and Leadership Ministry Team
United Church of Christ
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115

  • Racial and Ethnic Theological students. Applications available from Parish Life and Leadership.
  • Garrett Trust: must demonstrate emergency one time need and sign a statement of faith. Must be recommended by Conference Minister or COM.
  • William R. Johnson scholarship for 2nd and 3rd year GLBT students.
  • For those going into Military Chaplaincy:

Cannon Endowment Scholarship. (must also be either UCC, UMC, Presbyterian Church (USA) or Christian Church (DOC). Other conditions apply.

UCC Regional Scholarships

  • CT: Edwin Whitney Trust Fund: Must be a Connecticut resident preparing for UCC ministry. For more information or an application contact the Office of Financial Aid or the Trustees of the Edwin Whitney Trust Fund, c/o The Storrs Congregational Church, 860-429-6558.
  • The Hale Donation: established in 1803 in memory of Major John Hale, (grandfather of Capt. Nathan Hale) to help underwrite the expenses of students preparing for Christian Ministry. Eligibility guidelines include: financial need; preferential treatment given to those from Tolland County, CT (applications from other states are welcomed, however); and priority is given to those preparing for ministry in the United Church of Christ. Deadline is May 1 for the upcoming year. Contact the Office of Financial Aid if you are interested.
  • ME: Maine Conference: Must be in-care with an association of the Maine Conference.  Application deadline is May 15.

     To access the link to this document go to  In the box on the left side, click “Commission News.”  Then, go to “Commission for Witness Life.”  Under “Current Projects/Events”, you will see the link for the Seminary Scholarship Application. 
  • OH: Ohio Conference:

The Wolff Fund for Theological Education was established to provide support to seminarians from the Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ. Grant applications should be made through the student's Association.

 United Methodist

  • UMC female M.Div students -Georgia Harkness Merit Awards program.  $5,000 grant.  Must be enrolled full time, be over 35, and be a certified candidate for ordained ministry as an elder in the United Methodist Church.
  • The General Board of Higher Education & Ministry has scholarship and loan resources available. For more information visit the GBHEM page.

Other Church-related Scholarships

The Fund for Theological Education
"FTE is a leading ecumenical advocate for excellence and diversity in Christian ministry and theological scholarship. Our work supports the next generation of leaders among pastors and scholars.

We provide fellowships and a network of support to gifted young people from all denominations and racial/ethnic backgrounds—encouraging those with gifts for leadership to consider vocations in ministry and teaching and nurturing them in their exploration and study."   Visit or to search scholarships directly, go to

For female students:
The Gretchen Hall Scholarship is offered by the New England Women Ministers Association. Applicants must be women who are permanent residents of one of the New England states, currently studying or have been accepted for study at an accredited New England Seminary and must be planning to begin, or continue, a ministry in New England. Eligibility for ordination is not a requirement. The scholarship is $300 and may be used toward tuition or books. Deadline: October 15th.

3. Community/Philanthropic Scholarships
The following community organizations have sent information regarding scholarship opportunities. Each scholarship is briefly summarized - for more information use the link or contact the Office of Financial Aid.   

  • The Barking Foundation: Must be an undergraduate student and a Maine resident seeking financial aid. Full and part time students considered.
  • Eastern Star. Applications are available in the BTS Financial Aid Office. Applicants do not need to be members of Eastern Star but must know a member - the nomination form must be signed by a member.
  • For female students:
    PEO Sisterhood: loans and grants for women at all levels of education. Special fund available for a woman that graduated from a Bangor area High School.
  • BPW/Maine: career advancement scholarship. Must be a female resident of Maine enrolled full- or part-time and be training for a new career. The local chapter coordinates applications and submits one name. Applications available. Deadline is usually in April.
  • FREE MONEY! Grants available from Maine Education Services. Online process tells you WHICH scholarships you are eligible for. Apply at  Apply before April 1.
  • The Human Rights Campaign Foundation LGBT Scholarship and Mentorship program for Religious and Theological Study seeks to encourage and promote the dialogue on LGBT issues and religion in seminaries and, by extension, in our congregations and communities by investing in the next generation of LGBTQ and allied scholars.
  • Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)