Suggestions for Book Buying Resources Online

Since BTS no longer maintains a bookstore the following buying guide is provided to assist students in locating online resources to purchase textbooks. This is a book search engine.  It works similar to Google, only instead of searching the general Internet, it specifically searches various booksellers to find your book at the best price.  Basically, Book-Finder will do the price shopping for you.

If you would rather shop through one location here are a few good sources - these can be especially useful if you are searching for a number of books and want to get them all from the same place (all of these are also searched through BookFinder): Abebooks is a listing service, and will provide you with information from a number of independent booksellers who have the books that you are searching for.  If you are purchasing a lot of books, they may not be shipping from the same location unless they are all coming from the same seller. Alibris has books for sale from their own warehouse, as well as from independent sellers.  When you search for a book it will tell you if that book is from them, or from an independent entity.  They have a number of shipping deals, including a Free Shipping option for some items, and discounts when you purchase multiple books from independent sellers. You can search for books (and a number of other items) through Amazon.  They sell new, used, audio and e-books, and will list all options available for any book you search.  They have a number of shipping options, and some orders of over $25 are eligible for free shipping.  Some items from Amazon are sold by individuals through Amazon’s services and are not eligible for their shipping deal.  If you are purchasing a lot of books, Amazon can be a good place to get them all shipped together (if purchasing directly from Amazon and not their independent sellers).

Half.Com: is affiliated with ebay.  It is a compilation of books being sold by independent sellers through  Similar to Abebooks, items ship from the individual sellers and if you are purchasing many books they may be coming from different sellers.  Powells is an independent bookstore located in Portland Oregon, which sells many new and used books online, as well as ebook.  They have a few shipping deals, such as Flate-Rate shipping for orders less than $50, and free shipping for most orders over $50.  If you are buying a lot of books, Powells can be a good place to get them all shipped together (if the books are not located in one of their remote warehouses).

A Step-by-Step Guide to using Bookfinder:

1) Go to

2) Enter information about the book you want - searching by the ISBN is the best way to assure that you get the book you are looking for, but you an also search by Title and/or Author.

3) If you search by ISBN you can skip this step.  If you search by Title and/or Author, you will be asked to pick a title from a list.  Select the one that appears to best fit what you are searching for.

4) On this screen you will be given two sets of listings: one for New Books (on the right side) and one for Used Books (on the left side).  They will be listed from cheapest to most expensive.

A note on Price Listings: At the top of the results page it will tell you if the prices listed include shipping cost (estimates) or not, and gives you the option to change this if you wish.  If shipping cost estimates are included in the listing it will give you a more accurate idea of what the book will end up costing you from that source, but the prices will seem higher than what you would find if you searched the individual sellers pages (because those do not include the shipping cost in their list price).

Understanding the Listing: Each listing will look something like this:
United States

Hardcover, ISBN 0394800133
Publisher: Random House Childrens Books, 1960
Nice condition with minor indications of previous handling.


The First box tells you where the book is located: what bookseller or listing site it is being sold through.  One important piece to note is the location of the bookseller, which is listed at the bottom of this box.  Bookfinder does search through sites overseas, and in Canada, so you may find the cheapest books will end up costing you more with shipping.

The Center Box tells you more information about the book, hardcover or paperback, the ISBN number, Publisher and year, and, for used books, it will often contain notes on the condition of the book.

5) Click on the Bookseller (first box) or the price (Last Box) and you will be taken to the page where this book is being sold, and can then follow that sellers instructions for purchase!